“Uof Helmets” is a line of caps and helmets, from the great variety of models, hand-made in Italy. The headquarters are in Rome. It is one of the trademarks of “Selleria Ferro”, an Italian company that has been in the market for over 40 years. There are people who have been linked to the world of horse riding for many generations, transforming into real products, with passion and enthusiasm, the needs, demands, desires and dreams of those who practice this sport, pushing the possibilities of personalization to excess.

The philosophy and ethics of Uof Helmets is given by the merging of some principles / goals, ubiquitous in Uof’s home: passion, innovation, security, quality, accuracy, comfort, design, style. 

Passion: the driving force that drives man to overcome his limits, with constant dedication to achieving the goal, that is excellence. That desire to progress and grow, exactly the same that burned in the soul of our amazons and riders 

Innovation: through research, use and application of technological materials or techniques from other sectors, combining them with the craft tradition of Made in Italy 

Safety: Caps and helmets “Uof Helmets” possess CEE and PAS Certifications. Therefore, amazons, horsemen and jockeys all over the world, using Uof Helmets caps and helmets, will play their sport in maximum safety with the following products: CE (European) VG1 01.040 2014-12; PAS (British) PAS 015: 2011 

Quality: The materials used are the best available. Hypoallergenic and breathable internal coatings (Coolmax); Rounded and quick-release quick-release buckles (ITW NEXUS); Esternal crown in Tecnopolymero or Carbon; Exterior coatings: in genuine or synthetic leather or in precious fabrics. The quality control of each of the many manufactured helmets is constantly carried out so that the parameters that guarantee the safety persist in the production cycle. 

Accuracy: attentive and qualified personnel at every stage of processing, care for every detail with the precision that distinguishes Made in Italy. 

Comfort: is guaranteed by the use of non-allergenic materials, self-adapting to the shape of the head; By the presence of four ventilation holes; By their lightness; From the change to wash the interior and easily replace it. 

Design: Innovative and eye-catching, anatomical and pleasing design

Style: To each their own style. You can not find your own, as there are so many possible models. The helmets and Uof cap can be painted in various colors; Glossy or opaque; two-tone; Coated in various materials; With Swarovsky element; With aerated flags; With the nameplate bearing the name. Three models of retention systems, in three different materials and colors. Five different types of flexible and indestructible visors.